MAMU! Indigenous Employment Fair Provincial Edition

MAMU! Together! We want to promote the employability of Indigenous people, introduce them to the skills needed in the labour market, and help them reach their professional potential.

This new online edition, which includes our four regions (Montréal, Québec, Sept-Îles, and Val-d'Or), will also encourage other urban Indigenous people to learn about our programs and services, to network with employers, and to find employment and this, on a provincial level.


Closing words and draws

Appreciation from Joshua McLeod Montreal ETSC

Appreciation from Jordan Pitre Montreal ETSC

Appreciation from Keneun Harvey Montreal ETSC

Appreciation from Lianna Jerome Montreal ETSC

Success story: Alain Francis CSEF Québec

Success story: Mylène Mestokosho CSEF Quebec

Success story: Lindsay Bouchard CSEF Val-d'Or

Success story: Sarah-Jane Bouchard CSEF Val-d'Or

Success story: Shannon Picard CSEF Sept-Îles

Success story: Régina Ross CSEF Sept-Îles

Acknowledgments from the participants of the Urban Strategy

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