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The First Nations Human Resources Development Commission plays an important role in improving the skill level of the First Nations workforce.

The measures put in place guide people in their career path by preparing them for permanent quality jobs.

The following information will help you understand employability measures and how to provide these services.

Aide et conseil


In order to evaluate your situation and offer you support that meets your needs. Contact one of our Employment and Training Service Centres (ETSC). You will be able to arrange an appointment to discuss what support measures are most likely to help you succeed.

Professional Resources 

Here is an overview of the services offered by our employment counselors:

  • Individual and confidential meetings;

  • Elaboration of your action plan;

  • Exchange academic and professional information;

  • Aptitude test and interpretation;

  • Identify and evaluate employment and training measures;

  • Referral to specialized counselors;

  • Job search techniques;

  • Help in the writing of Curriculum Vitae’s and cover letters;

  • Help  preparing for a job interview;

  • Management of the documentation relevant to the request for financing;

Here is an overview of the services offered by our follow-up agent:

  • Ensure a regular presence or link with you in your training projects and/or professional careers in order to motivate, supervise and support you;

  • Help you identify the obstacles that prevent you from carrying out your project and help you find solutions to implement them;

  • Travelling among educational institutions and/or companies to develop solutions to facilitate your integration and progress;

  • Establish and identify key local resources and create a support network to ensure that you have the resources to help you, at the academic, family, social and personal levels

Labour Market Information 



Get support from our employment counselors who can help you explore training or career options. Or ask them to direct you to external organizations that can help you develop your employability profile.

General Training (prerequisites)

General training provides the necessary prerequisites for vocational or college training.


Vocational Training (return to work)

You plan a return to school, vocational training could help you to enter the job market. Many options that match your preferences and abilities are available to you.

A multitude of products and services directly related to education and other specialized training information are available.


Complementary Training (recognized by industry)

Here are some options; first aid courses, language, security, or license, certificate, permit.



Employability measures can help you gain work experience that will lead you to a permanent job.Whether you plan to work within or outside your community, whether it’s your first’s job or not, know that many resources are available to accompany you on your path to success.

Job Creation Initiative

  • A wage subsidy is available to help you gain work experience through personal and professional development (Job Creation Partnerships).
    Feel free to put us in touch with a potential employer so that we can discuss it further with them.

  • Financial assistance is available to help you obtain on-the-job training in order to qualify for long-term employment (targeted wage subsidy).
    Feel free to put us in touch with a potential employer so that we can discuss further with them.

  • We can help you keep your job with one-time financial assistance to provide you the necessary tools; a driver’s license, transportation or childcare expenses (Job Retention Assistance Measures).

 Student Employment

Giving students the opportunity to develop workplace skills is relevant to their field of study.

In collaboration with the FNQLEDC, we offer support for entrepreneurship training, support for the business plan and financial support to start a business.

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