The First Nations Labour Market Strategy, under the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training (ASET) Program, was implemented by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Under this agreement, the objectives of the Labour Market Strategy for Urban and Non-Affiliated Aboriginal People are to support urban Aboriginal people living in urban areas and unaffiliated in pursuing training and developing job skills by assisting them in finding work and long-term employment. This objective will take into account their needs with the ultimate goal of closing the gaps in employment status, earnings and skills between urban Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people; Optimize the capacity of urban Aboriginal and non-affiliated service delivery organizations and structures to deliver professional services related to training and employment . 


The ISETP Agreement provides funding to Aboriginal organizations to help them with the costs they incur in providing programs, services and other activities aimed at increasing the participation in the Canadian labour market of the Aboriginal people they serve. Under the ISETP Agreement, recipient organizations are required to implement programs, services and other activities within a long-term strategic planning framework that aims to align the services provided with the needs of Aboriginal clients and the skills demanded by employers.



The mission of the Urban Strategy is to offer employment and training services and programs to the urban Indigenous clientele, namely First Nations, Inuit and Métis, to help and support them to integrate into the labour market.



The vision of the Urban Strategy is to develop and promote human resources to improve the standard of living of urban Aboriginal people. Aboriginal human resource development is focused on labour market demand, client needs and quality of service. To achieve the goal of integration or reintegration into the labour market, the actual needs of the client must be determined. Investing in human resource development remains the key to achieving continuity in adapting to the changing world of work. One of the fundamental principles of urban service centres is the value of the workforce and that responsibility for training and job development be shared with all possible partners in the community.




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